KRAMPUS is a virtual table top game where the objective is to have a member of your crew be the last delinquent standing.

Overview & Game Mechanics

Krampus is a murderous monster with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. He patrols the grounds of the Bankman-Fried Center for Troubled Youth searching for victims.

Each round begins with a virtual dice roll that determines the zone Krampus will be patrolling.

If a member of your crew is in the zone chosen, he will be attacked.

When Krampus attacks, the first step is a virtual dice roll that determines his attack type. He has three of these - Speed, Strength, and Camouflage.

Once his attack type has been chosen, there is another virtual dice roll to determine the power of Krampus’s attack.
If the power of the attack exceeds the crew member’s rating in that category, then the crew member will automatically use a gift to save his life (if he has one) or he will be killed.

If the roll for attack power produces a number less than the crew member’s rating in that category, then the crew member escapes the attack without using a gift.


Gifts are one-time use and the slot is burned after use, which means each crew member can only ever have a maximum of 5 Gifts. Gifts act as extra lives in the event of a successful Krampus attack and are automatically consumed.


Crew members can have their base stats in Speed, Strength, and Camouflage upgraded for a small fee. The Stat distribution is different for each character but the total number of points available is the same for all. Increasing these stats through upgrades provides increased survivability. The higher the number is, the less likely Krampus’s attack power roll will exceed it.

The Map

Crew members can be moved around the map at no cost. When the map is in a day cycle, Krampus is sleeping and all members are safe. When the map is in a night cycle it means Krampus is on the hunt. Any crew members in a zone where Krampus is hunting are unable to be moved until the end of the round. Crew members in other zones can move freely. To move crew members either drag and drop them on the Map page of the website or use the activity channel in Discord.


The activity channel in discord can be used to move your crew members on the map. Type /move and follow the prompts to achieve the desired result. Additionally when Krampus attacks you will receive notification of an outcome. Outcomes can be escapes, gift uses, or deaths. Click the links provided by the notifications, or visit the activity feed on the website to watch the outcomes and learn the fate of your crew.

The Prizes

As more players join the game, sign up crew members, upgrade characters, and buy gifts, the pot grows. The last 5 kids will receive a proportionate portion of the jackpot.

Daily prizes awarded at random to players in the game. These prizes will typically be comprised of NFTs and coins (like BONK) and in game rewards like Gifts and Stats.

The Finals

When we get to the last 25 crew members we will be in a voice channel and livestream the end of the game, watching it play out together.